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Vlorp is a multiplayer hoverkart collector combat racing adventure game. 

We see the development of this game taking shape in three general phases. Phase one is build a multiplayer combat racing game and release as early access. This is the phase we're currently in. After gathering feedback and improving the game in phase one, we will move on to phase two which will be the adventure and kart collection portion. In this phase we will begin work on a co-op survival sandbox and allow players to save the karts they find and use them when racing their friends. After player testing the survival sandbox mode we will move on to phase three which will be to add a story mode. 

As previously mentioned, we are in the first of these three phases. The multiplayer combat racing mode is functional. Players have a multiplayer lobby where they can explore and find karts. They can take the karts they find and use them in races with their friends. Before moving onto phase two we hope to expand on the selection of game modes, maps, powerups, weapons, and types of karts to be found. While we have a lot of the core gameplay mechanics in place we hope to continue to refine the game as a whole with player feedback in this phase.

The game currently has:

  • Fully functional multiplayer
  • 4 hoverkart types used to generate thousands of karts with randomized speed, acceleration, and handling 
  • 1 game mode (racing)
  • 6 racetracks 
  • 4 powerups/weapons

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